Installing the TieMaster is Quick and Easy

With some simple tools, you can install your TieMaster in minutes.


Step 1: Order Your TieMaster

Click on the order button if you haven’t already.

Step 2. Receive Your TieMaster from Amazon

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3. Find Your Template

Open the box and remove the TieMaster. Your template is located underneath it’s protective packaging. Remove it and find an appropriate place to locate your TieMaster. There are five holes in the template that can be used to position the location for the wall anchors. Mark the wall using a pencil and remove the template.

4. Attach Wall Anchors

The TieMaster comes equipped with five wall anchors and five screws. Using a drill or by Phillips screwdriver, the anchors can be turned into the drywall. If you are attaching the TieMaster into wood, the anchors will not be required.

5. Mount the TieMaster

Put the TieMaster on the surface you are mounting it to. Using the included screws, attach the TieMaster across the top first. Finish with the bottom two screws. Check for tightness.

6. Begin to Add Your Ties

Once the TieMaster is in place, and the mechanism works smoothly, it’s time to start loading it with your ties. Load ties when the TieMaster is in the horizontal position, as it will be easiest. 

7. Congratulations!


You’re now ready to enjoy the time and money you save with the TieMaster.