The Ultimate Tie Rack

Be the First to Get Your Hands on the Ultimate Tie Rack on the Market Today!

No other tie rack can beat the TieMaster for quality, durability, and ease of use.

Simplicity at it’s finest. The TieMaster can hold up to 70 of your best ties.

Simply install, fill it with your ties in the way you want to organize them and that’s it!

Tie Rack


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Why Choose The TieMaster?


Protecting your expensive ties is easier than ever

Tie Rack

You spend a lot of money to look good

Tie Rack

Rolling your ties can fray and tarnish them

Tie Rack

A crease can ruin tie functionality and appeal

The TieMaster’s superior organization and viewing accessibility is enhanced by wide rods, which are designed and tested to ensure that no creases or wrinkles develop in the ties over time.

TieMaster allows you to view each tie easily and comfortably, and decide what tie pairs best with your suit without having to roll and replace.

Superior Organization

Choose to organize by color, shape, style or pattern.


Perfectly Organized

Easily Displays Your Ties


Displays all your ties at once!

No more searching for the perfect tie.

TieMaster has the ability to store up to 70 ties easily. 


 Introducing the Absolute Best Tie Rack on the Market Today.

Strong, durable, and easy to install.  The TieMaster fits in any closet or space. It only takes a couple of minutes to affix to any surface with simple tools.


Strong and Durable

Designed with quality components and built to last. This isn’t a cheap product found on Alibaba. This is a fully engineered and custom designed product.


Protects Your Most Valuable Fashion Accessory

Regular tie hangers are too thin which create creases and folds that remain over time. TieMaster rods are made specifically for ties which ensure no creasing…ever!


Beautifully Displayed

See ALL of your ties at once for easy and quick access. Buried ties can cause frustration. Having them all displayed beautifully will save you time finding the perfect one. 


Saves Money

STOP damaging your ties and keep them around for longer. You invest a lot of money in your tie collection. You want them to last as long as possible.

Tie Rack

Why Do You Need The TieMaster?

Tie Protection Perfection

We all know there’s essentially two ways men organize their ties:

1. Draped over a hanger in your closet

2. Rolled in a drawer or on a shelf

WHY do fashion experts recommend NOT to do either?

If the rods are too small, the ties will have creases and folds that remain overtime…

Damaging, ruining, and tarnishing your favorite ties…

Designed with quality components, built to last:

Rigorously strength tested to ensure product withstands multiple uses

Ensures ties remain uncreased and healthy overtime

The Ultimate Necktie Rack

Protecting your expensive ties is a no-brainer. You spend a lot of money to look good; you don’t want to wreck your ties by using an inferior tie rack, or worse, a clothes hanger.

The TieMaster ensures that your ties remain wrinkle and crease free forever. 



It’s multi hitch system allows you to choose which height you prefer while viewing your ties. Once you’ve chosen a tie, simply release the hitch, and lower it down for easy and convenient storage!

Rolling your ties can fray and tarnish expensive fabric. Hanging your ties on a system that is too thin can create creases and ruin the functionality.

TieMaster allows you to view each tie easily and comfortably allowing you to see what tie pairs best with your shirt without having to roll them up again!

Get Up   Dress Up   Show Up

Be the First of Your Friends To Own A TieMaster!

Sleek and stylish, the TieMaster will save you time and money. The TieMaster rods are designed and tested to ensure no creases or wrinkles develop over time.


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